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Timelot Standard Net

Timelot Standard Net is our simplest networked time clock solution available. This software is gauranteed to give your business a simple method for tracking time & attendance and generating efficient payroll reports.

Why use Electronic Software & not Physical Time Slips? - To reach a higher efficiency, you must maximize your output. Did you know that in one month alone the average company wastes 20 hours calculating and reporting employee time and attendance? This is wasting too much time when you could be working on other projects.

..:: Features & Benefits

75 Employee Capacity -
You can add, edit, & report payroll on up to 75 employees
"Timelot saves time and makes money for me!" I bought Timelot and will never go back to using the old time cards again. I now have more time to spend working on other things to help my company.
-Liz, "CNET"

Unlimited Network Connections -
Both Timelot Standard and Timelot Power come with the option of having networking capabilities. This addition means you can connect multiple computers to your network and allow your employees to clock in on their own computers. Networking also adds a higher level of security to your time tracking solution.

Order Now, Download Now!
Did you know that if you place your order now, you can download your full copy instantly! No waiting for it to arrive!

4 Digit In/Out Passcode -
Let your employees choose a 4 digit passcode to use for clocking in and out of the Timelot system.

Security Options -
Timelot allows for some security features to protect certain administrative functions. Block employees from: adding employees, removing employees, importing employees, & generating reports. You can even hide the passcode entry, to ward off employees looking over shoulders.

Payroll Report Periods -
With Timelot, you can report any where from 1 to 45 days! This is great flexibility for any company. Whether you report payroll weekly, bi-weekly, semi-monthly, or even monthly, this software was designed for you.

Detailed Payroll Reports -
Timelot is known for its simplicity in tracking time & generating reports. With the Timelot report engine you can customize how you want a report to turn out. Select all or just some of your employees, select your date range (1 - 45 days), select your report format (html or text), click create and theres your report! Sounds much quicker than adding right?

Employee Time Edit -
Have an employee forget to clock in? This is no problem with Timelot. Unlike a lot of other time clock programs, Timelot will allow the administrator to log in and edit employee time manually.

Backup, Archive, & Restore -
No business software is safe without a backup & restore feature. With this you can assure at anytime that you will not loose your important employee data. Archive is a new feature that forces your computer system to stay free of unwanted data. When your employee database gets too large, you can easily archive the data!

Did We Mention Free Support?
We are unlike any other software company, we provide you with 100% support and 100% FREE software updates & upgrades for life! We promise to never charge you again for any update to the software you purchase! Backed with a 14-Day unconditional money back guarantee, you have nothing to lose!


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