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Timelot Lite

Timelot Lite

Only: $39.95

NEW! Perfect for Small Companies

Timelot Lite is our simple low cost solution targeting smaller companies with 5 or less employees. This software is gauranteed to give your business a simple method for tracking time & attendance and generating efficient payroll reports.

  • 5 Employee capacity
  • Clock in/out w/ 4 digit
  • Add & Remove employees
  • Protected Admin Section
  • HTML or Text reports
  • Report detail hours
5 Employee capacity:
You can add, edit, & report payroll on up to 5 employees
4 Digit In/Out Passcode:
Let your employees choose a 4 digit passcode to use for clocking in and out of the Timelot system.
Security Options:
Timelot allows for some security features to protect certain administrative functions. Block employees from: adding employees, removing employees, importing employees, & generating reports. You can even hide the passcode entry, to ward off employees looking over shoulders.
Payroll Report Periods:
With Timelot, you can report any where from 1 to 45 days! This is great flexibility for any company. Whether you report payroll weekly, bi-weekly, semi-monthly, or even monthly, this software was designed for you.
Detailed Payroll Reports:
Timelot is known for its simplicity in tracking time & generating reports. With the Timelot report engine you can customize how you want a report to turn out. Select all or just some of your employees, select your date range (1 - 45 days), select your report format (html or text), click create and theres your report! Sounds much quicker than adding right?
Employee Time Edit:
Have an employee forget to clock in? This is no problem with Timelot. Unlike a lot of other time clock programs, Timelot will allow the administrator to log in and edit employee time manually.
Backup, Archive, & Restore :
No business software is safe without a backup & restore feature. With this you can assure at anytime that you will not loose your important employee data. Archive is a new feature that forces your computer system to stay free of unwanted data. When your employee database gets too large, you can easily archive the data!


  Price: $39.95

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